Guidelines for initial setup of your Canon printer

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Guidelines for initial setup of your Canon printer

Сообщение dany41 » 14 июл 2021, 16:13

There are several steps you need to follow if you are doing the setup of your Canon printer for the first time. However, if you are done with all of this from http //, you can skip to the next section and start the ij.start.cannon printer driver download.

Get started with unpacking your Canon printer. Remove all wrapping material, including tapes, plastics, etc.
Then take the printer out of the box. Uncover by removing the plastic wrapped around it and place it in a preferred location.
Now, take out all the accessories that have been received. Using the user manual, connect all cables and other materials to complete the primary setup.
Once the power cord is securely connected, turn on the printer. To turn it on, press the power button that you can easily locate on the control panel.
Next, you need to refill your printer's ink cartridge. The ink must be installed very carefully to avoid waste. It is recommended to follow the instructions printed in the user manual for installing the ink.
The last step is to load the papers. Before loading the papers in the paper tray, prepare them by aligning all the edges. The papers you load in your printer should be in the portrait orientation. Loading them in landscape orientation can cause paper jam problems.