NAS cannot access Internet

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NAS cannot access Internet

Сообщение NoelBlakley » 02 июл 2018, 11:48


My DS411J was working fine for 2 years, in LAN and remote access. After the router was changed by ISP, I still can access my NAS from Internet but the NAS cannot access Internet (No more Notifications, no access to Package Center, QuickConnect stopped working, etc...). I got messages such as: "Connection failed. Please check your network settings" or "Failed to retrieve external IP address. Please check your router's settings". The router is SAGEMCOM F@st 3784b. I checked port forwarding rules in router, IP address, etc... On router forum (French Bbox), expert said this router should be compatible, problem should be "something blocking in NAS" but I cannot guess what got wrong... Any idea to help?

Please help

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Thank you

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NAS cannot access Internet

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NAS cannot access Internet

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