Steps For Canon IJ Start Setup

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Steps For Canon IJ Start Setup

Сообщение ankitak » 22 дек 2020, 16:22

To begin with the process for ij start canon you need to make sure that it is sealed well with the manufactures seal.

Now the next step is to take out the printer from the box and take out all the cartridges, cables, from the box.

The net one is to remove the packaging and tapes. Also, take out the protective plastic from the display of the printer.

For hardware setup, the primary thing is to discover the electricity socket at the printer. Then, plug in the strength cable to the printer’s port and to the wall electrical outlet.

You need to carry and activate the printer by pressing the power button. Instantly, the printer display light will activate.

Now, it’s time to insert the ink tanks. For that, dispose of the cartridge’s outlet seal and the plastic covers which might be overlaying the cartridge for the process of

Open the cover of the printer and by way of doing so, the printhead carriage will regulate automatically into its area. Take all of the cartridges and put them into their corresponding slots.

Close the printer top cowl and you may note that the printer begins making noises. It genuinely suggests that the ink cartridge set up is correctly completed.