Steps For 123 HP 4630 Setup ​

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Steps For 123 HP 4630 Setup ​

Сообщение ankitak » 22 июн 2021, 12:26

The 123 HP Drivers Officejet 4630 is available in a neat package deal, Slide open the top of the box to find the peripherals. You will discover the cartridges, a power cord. Under these, you will find the driver’s printers.

Remove the cardboard container sheet that separates the printer from the peripherals. Remove the plastic cowl and the blue tapes.

Once your get rid of the tapes, you have to be capable of elevating the scanner lid for the process of 4630.

You may also find tapes that maintain the movable components in position..

Carefully maintain the handles on either facet of the printer, elevate the ink cartridge get entry to door till it locks into position, then remove all tape and packing cloth from inside the printer. Shut the ink cartridge access door.

Pull the paper tray door. Extend the paper tray and take away the packing tape.

Pull the paper tray forward until it clicks into the vicinity after which close the paper tray door.